How To Prepare A Car For Transportation

How To Prepare A Car For Transport

Whether you are transporting a barn find, spares or repairs, damaged, classic or performance car, you may need to prepare it before it can be transported. The reason it needs to be prepared is to avoid damage to your car and so that its easier to load.

Our car transport service is very popular and we have seen everything from barn finds that have been sat for over 20 years (as shown in the image above) to supercars that cost more than a house. We also often have jobs that involve us picking up cars that have been bought for a bargain price in Europe and bringing them back to the UK too.

If you are about to have a car transported, below are some of our top tips on how to prepare a car for transportation.

Check Dimensions & Weight

Before even booking your car to be transported, it’s important that you find the car’s dimensions and weight. This is because the car can’t be wider than the truck because it simply won’t get onto it. It also can’t be too heavy for the truck because they have certain weight restrictions that they cannot break.

Providing accurate dimensions of your car as well as the weight will ensure that the correct truck comes to transport your car and there aren’t any delays.

Ramps For Lowered Cars

Depending upon how low your car is to the ground determines how difficult it can be to load. The majority of transportation companies will use ramps in order to make loading far easier. Therefore, if you know your car may be an issue due to how low it is, we would advise stating the requirement for ramps to be used in the details when requesting a quotation.

Tie Down Loose Parts

For cars that have seen better days such as barn finds, damaged or spares and repairs, you will want to ensure everything it intact. Therefore, any parts that have the potential to fall off, you want to tie them onto the car using cable ties, rope or anything else that you feel would keep the parts secured to the car. Alternatively, you can remove the parts altogether and put them inside of the car where they will be secure.

Inflate The Tyres

If the car has been sat for years or the car isn’t running, tyres that are flat can make pushing the car onto the truck quite difficult. However, simply inflating the tyres will make it roll much easier and is highly recommended.

Empty The Car

Unless you are storing parts inside of the car that can’t be secured to the outside of it, you will want to ensure its left completely empty. You also shouldn’t leave the key inside or anything else that’s worth any value.

Shut The Windows & Sunroof

Whilst loading your car, you may have the windows open to control the steering wheel or simply because its a hot day. However, once its loaded upon the truck, you want to ensure you keep the windows (and sunroof) shut. Due to the unpredictable British weather, rain can strike at any moment and if your car is on the motorway with the windows open whilst it’s raining, it can be quite miserable getting back inside of it.


Regardless to the car that you are transporting, our cost effective transportation service will ensure it arrives safely. Our drivers are very experienced and everything that’s loaded onto the trucks are thoroughly inspected before heading to its destination. Hopefully the above tips on how to prepare your car for transportation is clear but if not, feel free to get in touch for further information or advice.

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