Car Transport Service

Our car transport service is one of the most popular services we offer and it covers all of the UK as well as Europe. Whether you need to transport a performance, classic or standard car, we can safely load any makes and models onto our trucks and provide you with a cheap quote.

Organising car transportation for your pride and joy can be stressful as there are so many factors to consider. The cost, safety of your vehicle, delivery insurance, loading and other factors all need to be considered. At Move Me Now, we have you covered and no matter the state of your car, we will transport it safely and at your convenience.

Rather than clocking up miles on your car, using a car transport service makes sense. It will safely get your car from A to B without you needing to spend hours in the car and arranging transport back home. When you calculate the cost of our car transportation, you’ll instantly see why it’s a cost effective solution to transporting your car wherever it needs to go.

Car Transport

Do You Need A Car Transport Quote?

Car Transport Service

How Much To Transport A Car

Whether your car is being transported from Glasgow to Birmingham or even from the UK to Spain or Northern Ireland, the cost is dependent upon a number of factors. For example, the distance, type of car transportation, date and time and other factors all reflect in the price.

As a general approximation, to transport a car less than 50 miles, it may cost up to £2 to £3 per mile whereas car transport that’s more than 50 miles will cost less at around £1 a mile. If you require car transport services, we can provide a FREE and instant quote to transport your car in a matter of minutes.

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