How To Pack For Moving House

How To Pack For Moving House

As the moving day starts to get closer, it’s important that you don’t leave your packing to the last minute. As part of your moving house checklist, packing all your personal belongings is a major part of moving house and depending upon how much stuff you have, it can be very time consuming. Therefore, organising and properly packing early on makes moving far less stressful and below are some of our top tips to pack for moving house.

Plenty Of Boxes

Due to all the shapes and sizes of your personal belongings, it’s important that you purchase a range of cardboard box sizes. Ideally, you want to avoid the cheap and less durable boxes and invest into a quality pack of cardboard boxes.

It’s also advised that you get some durable plastic boxes too because these are ideal for fragile items such as glass, plates or mugs.

Other Packing Supplies

Once you’ve found the boxes, you will also need other packing supplies such as bubble wrap, brown packing tape, fragile printed tape, marker pens, labels and stretch wrap for furniture. All these supplies often come as a complete kit from DIY shops or online.

Pack Items Used Rarely First

To avoid unpacking items that you’ve packed already but use on a daily basis, it’s recommended that you begin to pack items you use least. These item can often be found in the attic, garden, shed or garage.

Declutter Unwanted Items

Whilst packing, you may come across many items that you no longer need or want. Therefore, rather than spending time packing them, you may wish to sell them on eBay, Gumtree or other online market places. You may even wish to donate the items to a local charity shop or someone that would make use of it.

Packing Clothes

Clothes can often be the main bulk of your personal belongings and its important that you pack them efficiently. We recommend rolling the clothes and placing them inside a vacuum packed bag if you want to limit the amount of space they take in the car or van.

Pack One Room At A Time

Although it can be tempting to pack everything you see whilst walking around your house, it’s advised not to and instead pack one room at a time. Not only is it easier and more efficient but it also makes unpacking the boxes at your new home much easier too. Whilst you are packing up the room, you want to clearly label the boxes with the room (i.e. kitchen, bedroom etc) and even what’s inside of the boxes.

Moving Heavy Or Large Items

When it comes to moving heavy or large items, if you can pack them, it’s advised that you use durable cardboard boxes. It’s also recommended that you pack heavy items in small boxes because it makes transporting them much easier. With regards to large items that you can’t move yourself, you may wish to use a large item courier for that particular item.

Keep Valuables Nearby

Certain items such as expensive jewellery or watches, birth certificates, passports and other valuables are best being transported in your own car.

Although they will be perfectly safe with the removal company, it’s always advised just to be on the safe side because things can go missing.

Loading Up Your Belongings

Whether you use a removal company or you go back and forth in your own van or car, you’ll want to load up your belongings efficiently. Firstly, you will want to load the items you need least, keep all the boxes for each room together and keep heavy items lower down. When it comes to moving furniture, you may want to cover them in stretch wrap. However, if you use a furniture courier service, they may move the furniture and wrap it up for you.


Before packing, it’s also highly recommended to book your house removal service early on. This saves the hassle of not being able to get a booking and its often far cheaper too. At Move Me Now, we offer a nationwide man with a van service that can help you with your house move and offer excellent value for the money too.

Hopefully the above tips on how to pack for moving house helps you on the big day. If you need any other advice or have questions regarding how to pack, feel free to get in touch.

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